New Orleans – 5 Must Visit Restaurants

Traveling can get pretty difficult with work schedules and our extremely tight budget, but it’s something that we’ve decided to do no matter the circumstances because it is such a great experience and we believe that it’s one of the best ways to get some much-needed quality time together.

We actually haven’t traveled in a while, ever since my husband Bobby had to start working weekends, so I am extremely grateful that we were able to go visit New Orleans this past August. We went with a group of close friends to celebrate my sister-in-law’s 21st birthday and it was truly magnificent! I lived in Louisiana for a small chunk of my childhood, which I cherish greatly, and have spent a lot of time traveling to and from the state visiting family and friends. I’ve visited New Orleans a few times but I had never actually stayed the night before this trip, so it was extremely special.


Because I had so much fun, I thought I would share with you the first of my New Orleans Travel Series: my list of 5 Must Visit Restaurants

1. Café Fleur-De-Lis

Bobby and I discovered this little gem the very first time we ever visited New Orleans and it quickly became one of the number one places we have to visit whenever we’re in town. Their breakfast and lunch food is amazing and they are really good at mixing drinks!

I tried a Mango Mimosa this last time we were there and absolutely loved it! For my lightweight drinking self, it was a bit overkill with the alcohol as my face went a bit numb afterward and I was clearly very tipsy; but regardless, it was delicious and I highly recommend you try it.

The wait staff is always incredible when we visit; I seriously cannot stress enough how much I highly recommend this adorable café! 

Check out their website for location information, up to date hours, and their current menu;

2. Gumbo Shop: Creole Cuisine

One of the friends we traveled with had received a recommendation via Facebook to visit this restaurant and…


This place seriously had THE MOST AMAZING dinner cuisine I’ve ever had! I honestly thought that a restaurant would never be able to make some of my favorite home-cooked creole meals better than me, but they sure proved me wrong! You absolutely MUST go here, no matter how long you’re visiting.

My favorite thing about eating here was their incredibly amazing daiquiris. They seriously used fresh fruit and it tasted way better than any other daiquiris I’ve ever tasted.


Check out their website for location information, up to date hours, and their current menu;

The even share some of their recipes so that you can try them from the comforts of your own home!! How cool is that?

3. Café Du Monde

If you’ve never eaten at Café Du Monde, please do me the pleasure of going. It is such a cute place and a really special experience and one that I’ve only been able to get in Louisiana. I don’t know of anywhere else in the country that can duplicate it so I try to visit every time I go.

Just be sure you bring cash because they DO NOT ACCEPT CARDS.


Check out their website for location information and up to date hours (although the one in the French Quarter is open 24 hours a day except on Christmas);

4. Café Beignet

So I’ve not actually been here yet…but it’s on my list of places to visit next time I’m down there.

(HEY! I said this was my list of 5 Must Visit Restaurants, not my list of 5 Places I’ve Been! 😉 )

Because most of the beignet cafés I’ve been have the cash-only policy, I would highly recommend bringing cash just in case. Once I’ve visited I’ll give y’all an update.

Check out their website for location information, and up to date hours;

5. Mona Lisa

As much as I love Cajun and Creole food, sometimes you crave something a little different when visiting New Orleans, and Mona Lisa really hit the spot. It is such a gorgeous little Italian restaurant that displays their customers’ artwork all over the walls! It really had a family vibe and was a very relaxing way to end our busy night.

I will definitely be going there again soon!

Check out their website for location information, up to date hours, and their current menu;

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