From Summer to Fall: Animal Print

This week’s fashion collaboration series is all about animal print!

Now I’m actually quite a bit new to animal print so I’ve decided to take the same approach in introducing animal print into my fall wardrobe as I did with floral about 2 years ago. One thing you should know about me is that I am completely obsessed with floral now so I think this method is pretty spot on.

Please be sure to check out the below blogs of the amazingly talented Memphis ladies I’m collaborating with!! They are so encouraging and uplifting and have so much great stuff to share.

Belinda of The Honey Bee 901

Bianca of Curvaceously Bee

Komal of Komal Means Delicate

Desiree of Mocha Divas

Michelle of Elaine Michelle

Erica of Erica Dallas

Alright! On to the main event; this outfit! I decided to introduce animal print into my wardrobe with a very simplistic shoe I found at Target. I actually loved this pair of shoes so much that I bought it in black and tan as well and have been wearing all three of them so much over the past couple of weeks.

I decided to pair the gorgeous shoes with a simple black shirt and a hunter green vest that I found at Target. My jeggings are actually from a former LuLaRoe consultant who does business under the name of French Frills Fashion (I’ve been obsessing over her new hand picked clothing line which is pretty amazing – you can look it up on Facebook or visit her website here: ).

I am looking forward to incorporating more animal print to my new wardrobe in the future so please drop me a comment and let me know how you wear your animal print! I know I’m here to inspire you but I would love your feedback.

Special thanks to my amazing photographer Nitia Cheveallier for the incredible photos!! I feel like an adventurer on a safari! Check out her Facebook page here.

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