Downtown Memphis – Street Musician

Bobby (my husband) and I enjoy music very much and even though we have very different tastes, we will listen to most anything. The majority of our dates consist of either watching a movie, going out to eat, or attending concerts. We’ve had many adventures around the states just following artists around and listening to good music together.

We were recently in downtown Memphis exploring some of the local scenery and trying to find great places for a photo shoot when we heard some beautiful singing. As we kept walking, we discovered who it was coming from and decided to stop and listen to a few songs. I could try to describe his incredible and unique vocal range, but I decided to take a video for you instead.

His name is Jonny Thompson and you can find his music here:

It was such a blessing to be able to talk with him and hear some of his stories. Jonny told us that his lyrics are all original and even shared with us the inspiration for his song, “Dead Man’s Tears.” He narrated about how he got into a wreck while driving under the influence and was thrown in jail for it. Even though he ended up with scars from the crash, no one was severely injured. While in jail, Jonny met another guy who had killed a state trooper in a horrible crash while driving under the influence. He told us that this man was going to spend the rest of his life there, and so Jonny wrote about him because of how hearing that man’s experience changed him.

We asked him if we could contact him for events and he told us absolutely. So if you need music for an event you’re hosting, check him out at that website and send him an email!

My incredible photographer strikes again!! She was snapping away while I recorded. Please check out Nitia Cheveallier’s Facebook page here!

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