From Summer to Fall: Fall Hues

The “From Summer to Fall” series is coming to a close, and I am so excited to share with you this week’s inspiration! We are focusing on fall hues so everyone picked a color to incorporate into their outfit. Being a fall girl, I sprung on the opportunity to do red because my country side just LOVES red plaid. 

This collaboration series has been an absolutely incredible experience and I am so grateful to have been a part of it! What a way to ring in the fall season and get ideas for our fall fashions. My favorite part about this series was meeting the lovely Memphis bloggers. They are all so amazing and talented and are truly motivational. The various communities that I’ve discovered here in Memphis are phenomenal and I am so excited to share them with you one by one!

Definitely be sure to check out the below blogs of the inspirational Memphis bloggers I’ve been collaborating with over the past 4 weeks. They have been such an example for me and I know that you will love them and their posts too!

Belinda of The Honey Bee 901

Bianca of Curvaceously Bee

Komal of Komal Means Delicate

Desiree of Mocha Divas

Erica of Erica Dallas

I simply adore the way everyone really showed their personal style with the outfits worn throughout this series! I feel like I haven’t truly found my style yet so I’m glad that I could share all my favorite combinations. For this week, I really went with my more natural fashion choice; country.

Being a girl of two states (Louisiana and Tennessee), I often get confused about my style in fashion, home decor, and pretty much every other aspect of my life. However, one thing that has always been prominent in my life, regardless of where I lived, was my admiration for the country. I’m a country girl at heart and it stems from my Louisiana roots and my Tennessee farming. So I felt it only fitting to wear red plaid and throw on my cowgirl boots!

I had to go out and buy and new red shirt from target because all of my clothes are getting too big, which really isn’t a bad problem to have. While I was there I found this adorable plaid crop vest that I just had to have! For someone who never used to shop at Target, I’m really racking up there these days. My jeggings are from none other than Walmart, and at only $12, they’re a steal! And of course, the finishing touch, my cowgirl boots from a cute little boot store in Texas.

Special thanks to the incredible blogger and photographer Kim Thomas for the incredible photos!! You can look her up on Instagram @kpfusion


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