Pokemon Go – Eevee Community Day

If you clicked on this post then you probably already know a little bit about Pokemon Go, but just in case you don’t, here’s a brief background.

Pokémon Go took the world by storm in July of 2016 being the only mobile and AR (augmented reality) version in the beloved Pokémon franchise. It started out as a worldwide phenomenon, with people everywhere going outside to hunt the Pokémon. However, with the vast amount of technical problems players faced in the months that followed its release, it seemed to slowly disappear from people’s minds. 

Not many people know that Pokémon Go is still going strong in Memphis, especially with the added features that have been released over the past 2 years. Not only has Niantic improved the gym systems and introduced a total of 3 regions worth of Pokémon species, but now they’ve added the ability to friend people, trade Pokémon, and catch shinies (differently colored versions of Pokémon). With the most recent release of trading and research tasks, I’ve had the pleasure of watching as Pokémon Go steadily picks up steam again.


If you spend anytime with me, even just a little bit, you can easily gather that I am a gaming nerd (although I am not a pro with staying up to date on the trends). It’s no a secret that one of my favorite hobbies is playing Pokémon Go. I love it so much that I even help moderate the Pokémon Go: Memphis League Facebook Group in my spare time!

I would have to say that my favorite feature so far would be the awesome Community Days hosted by Niantic featuring an increase of specific Pokémon spawns and special moves. This past August I had the pleasure of attending the Eevee Community Day with a whole bunch of our own Memphis PoGo players. It was such an encouragement to see so many Memphians walking around together to catch all the Eevees over the 2-day event.

On the first day of the Eevee Community Event I went with a group of close friends to the Memphis Botanic Gardens where they generously offered half price admission to everyone throughout the course of the entire event! I was so excited that I got geared up with my baseball cap and walking shoes and completely forgot to bring sunscreen and water. Luckily, one of my friends brought packets of sunscreen and the Memphis Botanic Gardens had a wonderful cold water fountain in their lobby. I caught just over 100 Eevees that day and managed to get quite a few shinies. I also had the pleasure of meeting a few players, who I added as friends on the app, and helped a group of players defeat a boss at one of the gym raids. I truly enjoyed every minute we all spent together, even though we ended up moving part of the group to Overton Park so that we could drive around and get out of the heat.


For the Sunday portion of the event, I ended up going to the Memphis Zoo and was even able to bring along my husband, Bobby. I met a lot of new people as we rode around on the Zoo Tram and had so much fun catching a total of 11 shiny Eevees. I absolutely love the heart of Community Day; community!! Despite everything, I feel that Niantic has successfully managed to keep people interested in the game and has found such a fun way to bring people together and encourage everyone to get outside and hunt Pokémon!


Check out this website to see all the Pokémon Go Community Days to date as well as get information on all future ones. 

Want to visit the Memphis Botanic Gardens or the Memphis Zoo? Here are their websites!

Curious to see more about the Pokémon Go: Memphis League Facebook Group? Come check us out!

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